des Hirondelles (Swallows) by Caroline Emery

Original Title: Des Hirondelles
Type:  Documentary l Social l Children l  Women Issue l Rape

Running Time: 40  min
Flat : 1.85
Aspect Ratio: 1.33 ( the projectionist had to put wipe on left and right)
Resolution: 2K      1920/ 1080
Original version:  French – Farsi
Subtitled in English  & French
Screening format: DCP, Blu-Ray
Sound: 5.1
Year:  2019

Remarkable , daring and highly original film about Children in Rape.

Synopsis in English :

Sparrows  is Two story of two rapes! , one in Iran one in France, are echoing each other.Two little girls had to face alone a male violence of which they knew nothing.
Nasreen in Tehran : When she was thirteen, she was married in spite of her reluctance to a twenty years older man whom she did not want. She tells her resistance to this marriage, her wedding night, the birth of her two children and how she never stopped thinking leaving her husband until the day she succeeded. In 1972, the year Nasreen was born, Caroline was six years old.
Caroline in Paris.In the midst of a happy childhood, if one can say childhood is a happy moment in life, when she was eight, Caroline was raped by a great uncle. She tells about her childhood, her rape and how she knew right away that she would not keep the secret as her great uncle asked her to, and about the visons and nightmares that ensued.
This documentary summons the memories and the ghosts of a common suffering, intertwining the two stories each one in an urban scenery where the representations of sexuality are totally opposed, with filmed sequences, photos and paintings made by Caroline and inspired by what she saw in Iran, and by her nightmares and her memories.
In spite of these tragedies, life goes on for Nasreen and Caroline, who cling to life’s little moments of happiness. With this film, they break the silence and hope to get other girls to do the same.


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